Ultralight Concrete Panel of WALLCRETE

About Ultralight Concrete Panel of WALLCRETE

WALLCRETE ultra-lightweight precast concrete wall is a very good thermal and acoustic insulation and it reduces the weight of the structural skeleton because of its very low weight, and thus saves costs. Also, high running speed and reduced money ‘out of the mattresses (sleeping capital) due to its large dimensions, puncture and slot capability, removal of door and wall posts, removal of plaster, reinforced with polymer fibers and earthquake resistance without the need for steel mesh, drastic reduction Output and ultimately reduced water consumption are other features of the ultra-lightweight concrete panel.

Specifications of WALLCRETE


“Wallcrete®” can be easily cut and grooved as a result of solid texture and consisting material. Mechanical and electrical facilities can also be easily embedded in the Wallcrete.

Dry and Clean installation

Special adhesive is used in conjunctions so there is no need to water. This provides a clean work environment. Besides it will save time and costs of mortar preparing.

High construction speed

Appropriate dimensions and the light weight of the panels, enables a quick installation, 60-45 m2 in a day for a 3- person crew.

Low Density

With density of 600 kg/m3, “Wallcrete®” panels are easy to carry and install. This will cause optimized performance of the structure.

Latest Projects

همه پروژه ها
  • پروژه ساختمانی کامران
  • پروژه ساختمان مسکونی صفا
  • پروژه ساختمان مسکونی سروستان
  • مجتمع مسکونی خیابان سئول
  • مجتمع تجاری اوپال
  • مجتمع اداری تجاری نیاوران
  • پروژه شرکت گاز
  • پروژه ساختمان بیمه البرز تهران
  • ساختمان بیمه البرز کرج
  • پروژه حریر زعفرانیه

Product quality benefits

  • Dry and Clean installation
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Easy to nail
  • Ease of Use
  • Increasing effective interior space
  • Low density
  • High construction speed

WALLCRETE’s ultra-lightweight cement block and concrete insulation has been used in many large and prestigious projects due to its ease of execution and numerous benefits. Click on the link below to view some of the projects constructed and under construction.

Economic benefits of the product


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