WALLCRETE Installation Process

Concrete Panel Adhesion:

Place the pre-fabricated WALLCRETE wall cover with a special spatula or glue on the wall.

Panel Preparation:

If needed, the WALLCRETE lightweight concrete block can be trimmed to the desired size.

Specification of the execution location:

The location of the WALLCRETE lightweight wall is first determined by the floor plans.

Fastening the junction:

Reinforcing the wall-mounted cross-wall junction by inserting a 5mm ribbed rebar at least 1mm long.

Tightening the Attachements

Control the WALLCRETE wall deflection vertically and horizontally. The place of attachment of the prefabricated wall should be reinforced by implanting a 1mm rebar with a 2 degree angle.

Temporary installation:

Place the WALLCRETE Precast Wall on the right location according to the tab location.

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Installation of WALLCRETE on high walls Mounting a high wall:

If you need to build a concrete wall with a higher height, you can put two WALLCRETE lightweight blocks. To do this, you need to adhere the light blocks to the adhesive. Then the blocks are stacked together and the junction with a 1mm fitting at a 2 degree angle is sewn together.


White plastering of two mm thick without the need for chrome-plating on the finished wall of WALLCRETE Prefabricated Wall.

Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment:

Make a cut using the saw or female groove to place the electrical and mechanical installations on the prefabricated wall, and cover the mortar with special mortar after installation to ensure a smooth, even surface.

Wall Seam Cover:

The seating area is covered with WALLCRETE walnut wall sealant using sealant putty and then sealant tape is applied. Note that sealant blocks are free of any dust.


To run the intel, the WALLCRETE cement block walks horizontally and there is no need to port the intel and the wall post to the side of the window.