Project Details

9 spacious basement floor and 16 very modern and beautiful elevations, the total area of ​​the complex reaches more than 130, 000 square meters, with easy access via Yadegaram North and West Highway, Niyayesh Highway in the South and also Shahid Farahzadi Boulevard in the East, one of the main arteries of communication in the city of Tehran, have created an exceptional geographical location in the pleasant climate of Tehran.


This huge complex with more than 850 business units with a variety of jobs and guilds, suite, hypermarket in 6,000 square meters, unique car showroom on the 8th floor, restaurant and dreamy green garden with a total area of ​​۴,۰۰۰ square meters and Modern residence suite, more than 18000 private parking spaces, a 45m hanging bridge, a modern and elegant café complex and many other amenities will undoubtedly be the most thriving shopping mall in North West of Tehran. Design and Manufacture of Steel Structure (Bolts) This stunning and stunning project was designed by the most prestigious structural designers (Bojan Aria Steel Structures, Tadbir Pars Co.) with valuable experience and experience. The modern architecture of this huge commercial and office complex was also designed by Engineer Omid Gholampour.

The modern design of this building, in accordance with the Iranian Civil Code, has been designed to feature a high-strength earthquake-resistant metal skeleton. Supervisors, strictly adhering to all standards of quality control of skeletal construction, and utilizing advanced equipment and specialized machinery to ensure optimal and absolute quality of the structure of this indicator building.

Project Name: Opal Commercial Complex
Employer: Mr. Amani
Owner: Mr. Amani
Date: 92-94
floors: 23
Area: 120000
Activity Type: Structural Upgrade Design
Location: Tehran, Sa’adat Abad
Special features: metal skeleton and bolt, suspended bridge, heli Pad

Client: Opal Investment Company
Location: Tehran
Surface Area: 120000 m2
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