Introducing WALLCRETE Ultra Lightweight Wall

WALLCRETE lightweight wall prefabricated concrete panels are composite and reinforced with polymeric and mineral fibers using Nano-fillers that utilize world-class knowledge without the need for steel mesh, high compressive strength and flexural strength. The 5.8cm wall mounted panels are certified by the University of Amirkabir and the Building Research Center and are very suitable for use on the exterior and interior walls of a variety of buildings.

Benefits of WALLCRETE lightweight concrete wall:

WALLCRETE ultra-lightweight precast concrete wall is a very good thermal and acoustic insulation and because of its very low weight, it reduces the weight of the structural skeleton and thus saves costs. Also, high performance speed and reduced capital sleep due to its large dimensions, puncture and groove capability, removal of door posts and wall posts, removal of plaster, reinforced with polymer fibers and earthquake resistance without the need for steel mesh, drastic reduction Outputs and ultimately water consumption are other features of this power product.

Low density

With density of 600 kg/m3, “Wallcrete®” panels are easy to carry and install. This will cause optimized performance of the structure.

High construction speed

Appropriate dimensions and the light weight of the panels, enables a quick installation, 60-45 m2 in a day for a 3- person crew.

Heat and sound insulation

“Wallcrete®” is based on 18th and 19th Iran’s national code of structures. Thermal and sound energy exchange between sides of the Wallcrete® is vigorously less than regular walls. The remarkably good insulation properties, not only leads a pleasant interior environment, but also reduce the energy consuming to a large extent.

Increasing effective interior space

Because of slender sections despite high strength, using “Wallcrete®” will enhance the total area of structure near 5%.  This optimized interior space refines the residential and departmental architectural plans and will result economic benefit in a commercial complex.


“Wallcrete®” can be easily cut and grooved as a result of solid texture and consisting material. Mechanical and electrical facilities can also be easily embedded in the Wallcrete.

Easy to nail

“Wallcrete®” can be easily sawn, drilled, nailed and milled so heavy stuff such as cabinets and splits can be installed.

Earthquake resistance

The fibers in the wall texture, significantly alleviate the possibility of cracking and failing due to impact, earthquake and thermal loading.

Eliminating waste transferring costs

Due to material waste reduction, less scrap will be generated so the costs of waste collecting and transferring will reduce immensely.

Remarkable reduction in wall posts weight

Due to optimized dimensions and special conjunctions providing the integrated wall function, weight and dimensions of the wall posts will decrease to 50% in comparison with conventional walls.

Structure weight Reduction

The light weight of “Wallcrete®” reduce dead load of the structure relative to the other prevalent walls. Therefore the weight of structure drops off to 5-7%.

Eliminate plastering and finishing materials

Due to smooth and uniform surface and narrow gaps between the panels, the wall can be constructed properly in position and alignment. Besides, using sealing tapes prevents crack growth to the skin coat therefore there will be no need of plastering.

Dry and Clean installation

Special adhesive is used in conjunctions so there is no need to water. This provides a clean work environment. Besides it will save time and costs of mortar preparing.