Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about WALLCRETE Concrete Wall

What structures does this panel apply to?

WALLCRETE Lightweight WALLCRETE has no restrictions on installation and is easily applicable to all structures including steel, concrete, LSF.

What kind of buildings are suitable? Does the height of the building restrict its implementation?

Prefabricated wall is suitable for all buildings and does not impose height limitations on its implementation.
Due to its high running speed and proper dimensions and weight, high-rise towers and residential buildings and low-rise residential complexes that require an increase in useful interior space are among the major consumers of this type of material in the world.

To what vertical height from the floor to the ceiling is this panel applicable?

Maximum height of wall-mounted cement block without reinforcing structural support for the wall with a thickness of 2 cm 2,5 m and a wall with a thickness of 2 cm 3,5 m and a wall with a thickness of 2 cm 3,5 m and a maximum installation length of 2 m is.

Suitable metal supports should be used if a wall of higher height and length is required.

Is Concrete Wall Suitable for Yard and Garden Wall?

Unless the wall mounting standards apply to the wall and garden, the wall paneling alone may not be applicable to the wall of the courtyard and may not be used unless the metal support is mounted above the wall and swimming in the floor. Land that is not economically justified.

Do lightweight blocks like the CLC blocks have problems with shrinkage?

No, since aerobics and foam are not used in the concrete and paste making of these panels, they are light weighted with a variety of durable grain styles, and the use of special fibers does not appear in the light block.

Does this product, like the AAC blocks, have problems for outdoor and humid area use?

No, in AAC blocks, if the quality conditions for the raw materials are not met, or in any autoclave, this reaction does not occur. Quantities of lime remain crude and, when used in humid areas, increase the volume of damage to the walls.